Couple throw VERY elaborate Disney-inspired wedding complete with a 10-tier cake which cost over £1,000

SUPERFANS threw a Disney-themed wedding complete with a 10-tier cake featuring all their favourite characters from the iconic films – costing mo

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SUPERFANS threw a Disney-themed wedding complete with a 10-tier cake featuring all their favourite characters from the iconic films – costing more than £1,000.

Siobhan Perdue, 24, and Sean, 29, tied the knot earlier this month in a magical ceremony, which had Mickey and Minnie Mouse balloon-animals and Disney-themed place settings.

Superfans Siobhan and Sean tied the knot Disney-themed wedding
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But the showstopper was their whopping 10-tiered cake, which had a different film on each level and figurines and cupcakes around the bottom.

Their 3ft 10ins tall cake included Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella.

Each tier was made up of chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, toffee, caramel and carrot cake, and featured a Mickey and Minnie mouse topper alongside their names.

Siobhan from Swansea, Wales said: “When I first saw the cake, I almost cried it was perfect.

The cake featured ten different tiers and was 3ft 10ins tall
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“It was the talk of the wedding, I had so many messages the following day about it – even more than the actual ceremony.”

The cake took 22 hours to make, but Siobhan has refused to reveal how much the cake cost – but confirmed it was more than £1,000.

The cake wasn’t the only Disney twist at the wedding, with the table decorations all matching the showstopper.

Siobhan said: “I was so impressed, every tier was amazing and each one represented our guests table, the Toy Story themed table had figurines and balloons and the same with Frozen, Aladdin and the rest.

The couple decided on a Disney theme for their entire wedding
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“We both absolutely love Disney, the first film we watched together was ‘Beauty and The Beast’ – it only seemed right to have a Disney themed wedding.

“The flower girls were dressed as princesses too.”

It was made by Blissful Bakes and Tea Room in Swansea, who confirmed it was the biggest cake they’ve ever made.

The couple, from Swansea, tied the knot earlier this month
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Manager, Mandy Heskins, said: “We have never baked a cake this big before, six tiers is our biggest.

“It took six hours to bake each of the cakes and then 16 hours to decorate, it was fun for everyone but I imagine nerve wrecking for those who had to carry it.

“I would love to make more cakes like this in the future!”

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Their venue had giant Minnie and Mickey Mouse balloon animals[/caption]

The cake was so big that Siobhan and Sean have enough left over to last them until Christmas.

Siobhan added: “We still have eight tiers left so I think we will be eating cake for the rest of the year!”

Despite hours of work going into the giant cake, it’s been compared to something from a child’s birthday party.

A snap of the colourful cake ended up on Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, where it’s been mocked for its childishness.

The cake took more than 22 hours to make
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Sharing a photo of the cake in all its glory, someone captioned the image: “Advertised as a wedding cake but reads more as a kids party.

“Also 10 tiers? Unless you’re trying to feed a concert hall there’s a huge chance you’re gonna be left with tons of stale cake for the next few weeks.

“Adults that obsess over Disney terrify me.”

The couple even had their bridesmaids in princess-themed ballgowns
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And people agree the theme is a little inappropriate for a wedding, with one person saying: “Tbh that’s a beautiful cake but yeah it doesn’t vibe wedding and 10 tiers will feed an army.”

Someone else wrote: “Disney adults are incredibly off-putting.”

A third wrote: “My 5-year-old would go nuts for this, a 25-35 year old however.”

People have said their kids would go nuts over the cake

This person thought: “This looks like a birthday party for a spoiled 6 year old that invited way too many kids to their party.”

While somebody else added: “This is ridiculously over-the-top.

“If I was the groom, I would die of embarrassment in front of my friends for having what basically amounts to a princess cake for my wedding.”

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